What we long for is the space of Awareness in which all longing takes place. In fact, it is even closer than that. What we long for is itself taking the shape of our longing.

  • Introducing Non-Duality

    Watch a five minute video of Rupert Spira's introduction to the perennial non-dual understanding

  • The Light of Pure Knowing

    Rupert Spira's new box set featuring thirty meditations. Includes six mp3 CDs with 18 hours of audio; a book of transcriptions of the spoken meditations; and a slipcase.

  • Live Webinar - 21 April CANCELLED

    Due to unforeseen circumstances this webinar has been cancelled

  • Buckland Hall Retreat - 24 April to 1 May

    Commuter tickets still available.

  • Evening Meeting in Oxford - Monday 9 May

    Meditation followed by a Question and Answer session.

  • Weekend in Amsterdam - 13 to 15 May

    There is now an option to buy live stream tickets online.

  • Weekend in Barcelona

    Before the first meeting will be a launch for 'The Ashes of Love' in Spanish

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