To know the world is to be the world, and to be the world is to love the world.

  • Introducing Presence

    Watch a five minute video of Rupert Spira's introduction to the perennial non-dual understanding

  • Science and Non-Duality Conference 22nd - 27th Oct

    Rupert will be giving morning meditations and a plenary talk as well as a pre-conference workshop and conversation with A.H. Almaas

  • Live Webinar - 20th November

    Online meeting starting with a Meditation followed by a Question and Answer session.

  • Evening Meeting in Hampstead - 21st November

    The meeting will start with a contemplation followed by a question and answer session.

  • Retreat at Santa Sabina - 28th Oct to 4th Nov

    There will be two meetings each day including guided Meditation and discussion.

  • The Ashes of Love

    A beautifully produced new hardback book containing 280 sayings by Rupert.