The recognition of our true nature of ever-present, unlimited Awareness is instantaneous or, more accurately, timeless. The realignment of our thoughts, feelings, activities, perceptions and relationships with this understanding, is endless. 

Awakening and Self-Realisation

What connection does the clearing of unconscious, limiting beliefs have with awakening and self-realization?

Hi Rupert, 

What connection, if any, does the clearing of unconscious, limiting beliefs have with awakening and self-realization? As the energy of these are released I have, over time, known more peace, more capacity to be loving, powerful expressions of wisdom and compassion. But it seems these are independent from and not connected to awakening and self-realization.




Dear Len,

I make a distinction between Awakening and Self-Realisation. 

Awakening (in the way I use the word) is the experiential understanding that what we are is unlimited, unlocated Consciousness. It instantaneous but not necessarily immediate. 

Self-Realisation is the realignment of the mind and body with this experiential understanding and takes time. So ‘the clearing of unconscious, limiting beliefs’ is something that happens naturally as a result of awakening to our true nature. Having said that, it is possible to cooperate with this realignment.

The experiences you relate such as, ‘more peace, more capacity to be loving, powerful expressions of wisdom and compassion’ are outcomes or expressions of the Self-Realisation process. However, this adaptation of the mind and body also takes place during the investigation that leads to awakening as well as in its immediate aftermath.

With love,