The sun cannot know darkness just as I, Awareness, cannot know ignorance. Therefore for Me there is no ignorance, no separate self and no corresponding separate object, other or world. All these are for thought not for Me.

  • Introducing Non-Duality

    Watch a five minute video of Rupert Spira's introduction to the perennial non-dual understanding

  • The Essence of Prayer – 29 to 31 Jan

    We will be exploring, not philosophically but in our actual experience, what is meant by God, prayer and devotion, and how these stand at the heart of the non-dual tradition.

  • The Essence of Prayer Webinar – Monday 1st Feb

    The webinar starts with a short meditation, after which Rupert will discuss some key questions on the topic of 'the essence of prayer'.

  • Webinar - Thursday 28th January

    The webinars begin with a meditation led by Rupert, after which there is an open question and answer session.

  • The Nature of Consciousness

    Rupert's paperback The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter. Foreword by Deepak Chopra.

  • Being Aware of Being Aware

    Rupert Spira’s paperback on the essence of meditation

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