Ignorance is only ignorance from the ignorant point of view of ignorance. The separate self is only a separate self from the imaginary point of view of a separate self.

  • Introducing Non-Duality

    Watch a five minute video of Rupert Spira's introduction to the perennial non-dual understanding

  • The Essence of Prayer – 29 to 31 Jan

    We will be exploring, not philosophically but in our actual experience, what is meant by God, prayer and devotion, and how these stand at the heart of the non-dual tradition.

  • The Essence of Prayer Webinar – Monday 1st Feb

    The webinar starts with a short meditation, after which Rupert will discuss some key questions on the topic of 'the essence of prayer'.

  • Webinar - Thursday 28th January

    The webinars begin with a meditation led by Rupert, after which there is an open question and answer session.

  • The Nature of Consciousness

    Rupert's paperback The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter. Foreword by Deepak Chopra.

  • Being Aware of Being Aware

    Rupert Spira’s paperback on the essence of meditation

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