When we treat the world as the face of God, it reveals itself as such.

Consciousness Attending to Consciousness is the Pure 'I am'

Should I attend to the Chakras?

Hi Rupert,

I recently had an activation done on my crown chakra. Later, I had very vivid dreams and seemed to be in an expanded state of some sort. But this doesn’t feel like the “I am” I was experiencing before and have come back to. I asked my spiritual teacher Anadi about this and he said, “Crown chakra is an area that you do not want to have opened.  It is a door to universal subconsciousness, mystical realms and various dangerous places. Try to bring your consciousness to the lower part of your head space.”

I was wondering if you could say anything about this. I could stop at what Anadi says but I was looking for a second opinion.




Dear Vincent,

Whether your consciousness is focused at the crown chakra at the top of your head, in ‘the lower part of your head space’, on the taste of tea, on the sight of a bird in the sky, on your thoughts and feelings, on these words, etc etc. it is always directed towards an object – more or less subtle – and, as such, turned away from itself.

As a halfway stage, you may direct your consciousness towards the space in which all these objects appear. This space is the subtlest of all objects. It is not a physical space; it is a knowing space.

Having done so, gently remove the space-like quality from this knowing space, leaving only pure Knowing or Consciousness.

Consciousness attending to Consciousness is the pure ‘I am’. However, Consciousness doesn’t attend to itself as an object. It attends to itself just by being itself.

Hence, simply abide knowingly as pure Consciousness. You will find everything you have ever truly longed for there.

You may then turn towards the objects again, and infuse them with this understanding. 

With love,