When we treat the world as the face of God, it reveals itself as such.

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So to me it was like ego switched places with being. Is that what I have been aiming for?

Hi Rupert,

The other day I was listening to a discussion between a couple of non-duality teachers, and they were talking about seeing what is undeniable, as you and Francis both instruct.

I began to look internally to see what I couldn’t deny, that there is existence, life, perception, senses, and I began to look for the feeling of, again, what I couldn’t deny…being.

Suddenly I felt life and being so strong, expanding.  It felt “behind” sort of in location to where “I” normally reside in my body, if that makes any sense.  It was such a wonderful feeling.  I got up and made my breakfast the entire time feeling this “being” first as my primary mode.  The actions happened but they were less important than this being.  I did a few other things that way until I sort of let go.

So to me it was like ego switched places with being. Is that what I have been aiming for?

When I look back on it, I saw action happening but in a detached way, and I wonder now where ego was.  I remember thinking “this is very trippy” but there just seemed to be two things going on, being/watching and action by the body.

Thank you so much!


Dear Claudia,

Yes, it is common to begin with to notice Being ‘behind’ whatever it is we normally consider ourselves to be. The reason for this is that we normally consider ourselves to be the mind or body and at a certain stage we notice that these are, as it were, in front of as as objects of our attention.

As you say, we no longer locate ourselves in or as the body but rather take our stand in Being. The self sense drops out of the body and the mind and, as it were, goes back to itself, pure being, where it has in fact always been.

You say, “I wonder now where ego was.” ‘Ego’ as it is commonly conceived is a thought (and subsequently a feeling) that mistakenly identifies this Being that we are, with the little cluster of sensations called the body. You are right to wonder where this ‘ego’ is because it is non-existent as such! It simply exists at the thought that imagines it to be such an entity.

So now, instead of there being two things - ‘I’ the body/mind and ‘it’ the world - you have arrived at a situation where there are still two ‘things’ but this time it is ‘I,’ Being, and ‘it’ the body/mind/world.

The next stage is to abide as the Being that you intimately and directly know yourself to be and explore deeply (which simply means to contemplate) the experience of the body, mind and world from this placeless place of Being.

As we do this it becomes obvious in an experiential way that there is no other substance to mind, body and world other than Being itself. In this way we come to know that there are not two things going on, a watcher and a watched, but just one substance, Knowingbeing, which takes the shape of all things and yet always remains itself.

As Knowingbeing we know ourselves as peace and freedom. As the substance of all things we know ourselves as love.

With love,