Thought divides knowing into a knower and the known, loving into a lover and the beloved, and perceiving into a perceiver and the perceived. As such, it is thought alone that abstracts a subject and an object from the seamless, unnamable intimacy of pure Knowing or Experiencing.

Love Is The Fabric Of Experience

Presence, You, I, is the witness and the substance of every experience. And as there is nothing other than experience, Presence is everything.

As witness it is knowing. As substance it is being.

But knowing and being are not two distinct aspects of Presence. They are seamlessly one.

Presence knows a thing by being that thing. And Presence is a thing by knowing that thing.

It is what I am.

This identity of knowing and being is our most intimate and direct experience. In fact it is all that is ever experienced.

It is known as love.

* * *

This Presence is and it is present. If it were not, and were not present, it would not be Presence.

Have we, that is, this Presence, ever experienced the absence of Presence?

What would be present to know this absence?

We, that is, Presence, cannot know its own absence, because it would have to be present in that knowing, as that knowing.

There is never an experience of the absence of Presence.

Into what could Presence disappear? Into that which is non-existent?

How could that which is disappear into or become, that which is not?

And from what would Presence appear in the first place?

If Presence was not present, what would there be?

Non-existence? But non-existence cannot be.

Therefore non-existence is non-existent. Only Presence is.

And if Presence is ever-present and everything is that Presence, can anything disappear?

No thing ever ceases to be because no thing ever comes into existence.

The substance or being of every apparent object is only Presence, and Presence always is.

There is only one substance, substantial, immutable, un-mysterious, always known, always experienced, never not being.

It is this one substance which takes the shape of all appearances without ever being or becoming anything other than itself.

Whatever is known is the knowing of Presence knowing itself.

Whatever is, is Presence knowing itself, being itself and loving itself.

Presence cannot cease to know itself or be itself.

Even profound ignorance, Presence is knowing and being itself. That is, it is loving itself.

Therefore, there is no real ignorance.

There is no forgetting. There is no remembering. There is no losing or finding.

Presence is never veiled from itself. And therefore there is no real unveiling of Reality.

There is no Self-realisation because all that is real in any experience is already the self.

There is no enlightenment, for Presence is already and eternally the light that illumines itself. It is that in which, through which and as which all seeming things that are known, are known.

There is no awakening because Presence is always already awake in itself.

How can this be known if it is not known?

By seeing clearly that it is always known.

That which is not known is not knowable. And that which is known is always known.

So any movement or progress is always from knowing to knowing, which is no movement or progress at all.

Right here these words and whatever else is being experienced in this moment, is known, but there is no other substance to this experience other than its knowing. That is, its being, its substance, is its knowing of itself.

There is no knower of this experience and nothing that is known. There is just the knowing of it, which is simultaneously identical to the being of it.

And this identity of knowing and being is known as love.

Love is the fabric of this and every experience.

If it is not clear, what is written here will seem to be complex, theoretical and abstract.

However, if this is obvious, it is obvious, and what is written here will be seen as a simple way of describing the reality of experience, albeit within the limited confines of language.