Thought divides knowing into a knower and the known, loving into a lover and the beloved, and perceiving into a perceiver and the perceived. As such, it is thought alone that abstracts a subject and an object from the seamless, unnamable intimacy of pure Knowing or Experiencing.

One Consciousness?

I understood the logic you have used to explain the Onness of "Consciousness" in which everything arises....

em>Many thanks for the time you have given me and the patience with which you have been kind to respond to my queries.

em>I understood the logic you have used to explain the Oneness of “Consciousness” in which everything arises—my hunger or yours (these are not one but two as agreed by you too because they are ‘objects’).  Or it is the Oneness of “me” experiencing the relief in pain in hand and continued pain in the leg, in your example.

em>But is it not something like saying the terrorist who blew up the hotel and me are One because we are under the same sky?  Yes, sky is one.  The worries and pain and death are NOT for the sky.  They are for the bodies.

em>People suffer more from the physical bodily problems, diseases, penury etc. more than imaginary psychological problems which is a privilege of the well to do!  Out of nearly six billion odd population on the surface of the earth,  how many suffer from hunger and destitution? Psychological suffering is a sign of plenitude.

em>Now you clearly admit that “Pain is inescapable and inevitable .”

em>Why should it be so?  Does it not imply that Advaita has not been able to answer the fundamental “Why” questions?

em>Yes, staying like sky, identifying myself with the sky, does leave me totally “unaffected” by what goes on below.  No psychological or any sort of turmoil.

em>Is it not an “escape” to condemn the body etc. as abominable and despicable and to be the sky because the bodily disease, decay and death are inescapable?

em>Obviously, I may not have reached the “tipping point” to that Oneness about which I understand everything you say.  I do not mean I have some desires or that I am suffering. But it looks to me there is something Beyond Advaita.  Man has still to find!

em>Secondly, I read the Essay “Love is the Fabric of Experience” at your web site.  You defined Love as : “This identity of knowing and being is our most intimate and direct experience. In fact it is all that is ever experienced.  It is known as love.”

em>I was wondering about the use of the word ‘Love” for this. I know all Advaita texts do talk of Maitri (Universal Love, Compassion) a Jivanmukta continuously experiences.  The subject-object Oneness, (a sort of homogeneous One Entity) should feel ‘love’ within itself?

em>Let me assure you that I am not writing out of any arrogance.  I have high respect to you and as I already said, the clarity with which you explained non-dualism in your videos leaves no doubt about the ultimate levels you have attained as per the Indian culture and philosophy.


The sensation of hunger in your body and the sensation of hunger in my body are two different objects. However, it is only because we superimpose the limitations of objects onto Consciousness that we presume that these two sensations must take place in two different consciousnesses. There is absolutely no experiential evidence for this. It is simply an uninspected presumption that turns out, upon investigation, to be untenable.

It is true that when you eat your sensation of hunger vanishes but mine doesnt. However, this does not in any way imply that the two sensations appear in two different consciousnesses.

Take a situation where you fall over and hurt your arm and your leg simultaneously. To begin with both your arm and leg are aching but you have no doubt that it is the same you (Consciousness) that is experiencing both aches.

You start to rub your arm and after some time the pain abates and is replaced by a nice warm tingling sensation in your arm. However the pain in your leg continues.

Do you conclude that the fact that the pain in your arm is relieved but the pain in your leg remains, implies that these two different sensations appear in two different consciousnesses? No, that would be absurd! You know that they both appear in you, in the same Consciousness.

As regards violence, misery, disease, decay and death…..

In order to understand this we have to make a distinction here between physical pain and psychological suffering.

Physical pain is an essential element of bodily existence and doesn’t in any way indicate the presence of an apparently separate entity inside the body.

Psychological suffering is entirely unnecessary and simply indicates the belief and feeling that we are a separate limited entity, located in and as the body, that was born, travels through space and time and will one day die.

Pain is inescapable and inevitable but suffering is neither.

Disease, decay and death pertain to the body, but nobody has ever experienced any disease, change, movement, decay, appearance, evolution, disappearance or death of Consciousness.

It is only our exclusive identification of Consciousness with the body that makes us think and feel that when the body dies, I, Consciousness, will die.

It is with this thought that physical death becomes associated with psychological suffering.

So we do not invoke the Oneness of Consciousness as an escape from the bodily misery.

On the contrary suffering is an escape from Consciousness! Consciousness knowing itself is our primary (and ever-present although sometimes not noticed) experience. We don¹t have to do anything new or make any efforts to be this Presence which knows itself. In fact the opposite is the case. We have to make a subtle effort not to seem not to be this presence of Consciousness.

To put it another way, happiness is not an escape from unhappiness. Rather unhappiness is the apparent veiling of happiness.

Even though we not always know it, happiness is always present. There is no escape from it. In its pure form it is called happiness. In its apparently veiled form it is called unhappiness.

Or to put it another way again, there is only Consciousness, always knowing itself, being itself and loving itself. There is no escape from this. Where would it go? Where could Consciousness go that was not already made out of  itself? What could it become that is not already itself?

Every experience is only the knowing of Consciousness knowing itself.