Beauty is never seen, but every object is its footprint; love is never felt, but every feeling is its face; understanding is never known, but every thought shines with its light.

Sat Chit Ananda

Sat means the presence, the fact of being, beingness, existence. Chit is the aspect of knowing each experiment. These two elements of the experience are still present. We have no doubt now know the aspect of this experience, nor his appearance there. For example we know that this piece is, we can not know what it is, but we know it is. These two elements: Sat and Chit, being and knowledge, are always present in our experience.

We imagine that these two elements are two, Sat and Chit and we imagine for example that there is life without knowledge, we believe that the car in the garage exists independently of being known, as we believe there an independent world of being known.

However, if we look in our experience the existence of all things, knowing the aspect is always present. In other words, this piece is present and the reason we did say is that we know. In our direct experience, we never experiencing life without knowledge, nor knowledge without existence. In fact it would be impossible to experience life without knowledge or knowledge without existence.

Only the thought that conceptualizes the existence and knowledge as two separate things, while they are one and the same. This is just a thought that imagine can exist without the presence be known. For example one can imagine that the car in the garage has an existence without being known, or that a world exists independently of knowing. But no one has ever experienced such a world, it is not possible to experience such a world. There is no evidence that proves the existence of such a world.

It’s simply a belief that separates the existence of knowledge. With this artificial separation of existence and knowledge, the third element inherent in the experience: peace is warped.

Every experience is made of existence, knowledge and peace and love. These three are in fact one and the same substance. Three names, a substance.

The dualistic mind appears artificially divides the existence and knowledge and with this apparent separation, peace, joy or happiness are veiled. At that time, the knowledge takes place in the body and the world has its independent existence, there has ‘I’ the one who knows and the world out there that exists.

From that moment, this “I” separate part in research in the outside world imagined, Ananda, happiness, that was lost during the separation. When we finally go back and see clearly that the existence and knowledge is one, the experience of happiness, peace or love shines again.

In fact the experience of peace, happiness or love is only the knowledge of our being. Where it appears that we do not know our own being, the love that is inherent in our true nature seems lost, hence the search to the outside of love and happiness.

As soon as we recognize our own being, that presence-awareness, this recognition is the taste of love. At that time, research, the world, the other, the object disappear and the apparent entity here inside, subject and object are collapsing simultaneously.

Every experience is seen as made of existence-knowledge-joy or we can say in all experience consciousness itself, knows and loves itself.

Ananda is precisely the knowledge of our being.