When we treat the world as the face of God, it reveals itself as such.

Something Cannot Come From Nothing

Both 'something,' 'nothing' and, therefore, 'everything' are illusions. Only Presence is.

Dear Rupert,

I enjoyed watching your videos and thank you very much for your very clear explanation on the matters of self and Consciousness. I have a burning question that I want to ask you after watching the above-mentioned clip. In the video, a question was raised about the impersonalness of Consciousness.

This was a question that I’ve always had too.

You answered it by pointing out that the Consciousness is present during sleep when the body-mind is not felt. However, that is the case when the body-mind, more specifically the brain, is still functioning (medical instrument can record the activity). What about situations when the brain stops functioning? I lost my Consciousness a couple of times before and it felt the time during which I was out did not exist at all. I couldn’t remember anything after I came back.

On the other points you raised, like Consciousness is the self, and is not limited or an object, I totally agree. But I still could help hypothesizing that it could be like the situation of an electron and its electric field: while the field is not an object and is unlimited, it nonetheless would disappear if you take away the electron. And many electrons can co-exist in the same space, their fields overlapping.

Do you have any comment on that? I recognize that all I have said so far belong to the conceptual sphere. But those concepts are becoming a hindrance for me to investigate more of the experiential sphere. Any help is much appreciated.


Washington, D.C.


Dear Alan,

You are quite right, when there is no mind such as in deep sleep or what is normally referred to as ‘loss of consciousness,’ there is indeed no time.

It is only the mind that, on reappearing after deep sleep, imagines deep sleep in its own terms of time and space and, as such, believes it to have lasted in time.

But in the experience of deep sleep itself there is no time. Time is made out of the thought that thinks it. No thought, no time.

It is also true to say that without time there is no thought. In other words, time and thought both rely on the presence of their non-existent counterpart, thought and time, in order to exist.

Therefore truly, time and thought are not.

On your second point, if Consciousness could end, it would have to have a beginning and would itself be limited. However, no one has ever experienced a beginning, end or limit to Consciousness.

If Consciousness could disappear it would have to disappear into ‘something.’ What would that something be? It would have, at least, to be present and conscious for this ‘temporary consciousness’ to be made out of it. In other words it would have to be Consciousness.

Normally we think that an object is existent and that it disappears into non-existence.

In fact, an object, as such, is non-existent and the apparent ‘non-existence’ into which we imagine the apparent object disappears, is in fact Conscious Presence itself.

Both ‘something,’ ‘nothing’ and, therefore, ‘everything’ are illusions. Only Presence is.

With love,