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The 'Me' Dies of Neglect

The experience here, now, is that a sentence will start, and then end in the middle.

Dear Rupert, 

Thoughts are not my enemy, this is understood.  Like all functions, they are a tool.  What I am talking about is the “I” thought as well as the “chatter.”  The experience here, now, is that a sentence will start, and then end in the middle.  Almost constantly this is witnessed.  This automatic dropping off of complete sentences seems to be due to lack of interest. They are of the ‘me’ variety most of the time and offer no value.

If thoughts are used to communicate as is happening in this e-mail, they happen automatically, effortlessly and are forgotten quickly.  Would appreciate your commenting on this. 



Dear Toni,

Yes, once the ‘me’ has been seen to be non-existent, thoughts that revolve around it drop away, gradually in most cases. As you say, we get half way through the sentence and…..it just runs out of fuel.

In time the noticing and the dropping happen sooner and sooner. At some point we become sensitive to the impulse at the level of feelings from which the ‘I’ thought is born. As the ‘uncomfortableness’ of this feeling is neutralised in our allowing or welcoming, there is less and less need to generate ‘me’ related thoughts in order to escape from or avoid it. It is just seen as a neutral sensation.

In time these neutral feelings also subside because without the ‘me’ story attached to them they have no reason to be.

In this way the ‘me’ thought and its deeper root, the ‘me’ feeling simply die of neglect. The thoughts that remain are practical, celebratory, investigative, creative and, as you say, communicative.

With love,