When we treat the world as the face of God, it reveals itself as such.

The Substance of Experience is Only Consciousness

Consciousness only sees only itself. Right?

Hi Rupert,

Yesterday I sent you a question regarding objects in Consciousness. Last night, not long after I fell asleep, I woke up…AWAKE…momentarily; with the answer, I think. I, as an apparent individual, an object, I see other objects. When I close my eyes, I see what I call darkness, making it an object. Consciousness sees only itself. When I dissolve into Consciousness, objects dissolve with me. Consciousness only sees only itself. Right?

Thank you,



Dear Steve,

We normally think that “I, as an apparent individual, an object, see other objects.” In fact there is no such subject that sees and no such object that is seen. There is just seeing. The nature of seeing is Consciousness.

The imagined subject, ‘I,’ and the imagined object, other or world, are simply abstract concepts superimposed by thought upon the reality of our experience, which is Consciousness.

Whether the apparent objects seen are the objects of the waking states, the dark image when we close our eyes or the images of the dream state, makes no difference. In each case there is no object seen and no entity seeing.

It is Consciousness that takes the shape of seeing. In fact whatever the experience, it is Consciousness that takes the shape of experiencing, that is, thinking, imaging, sensing or perceiving, giving rise to what appears to be a mind, a body or a world.

However, in every case, there is only Consciousness being, knowing and loving itself simultaneously, in every minute expression of experience.

The idea that objects dissolve in Consciousness is a half truth given to one who deeply believes in the existence of objects. Once it is seen that there is never an object in experience, it is simultaneously seen that there is nothing to dissolve.

The substance of all experience is only Consciousness. It never goes anywhere or dissolves into anything. Where would it go?

Consciousness is the sole substance of experience and is Ever-present.

With love,