Thought divides knowing into a knower and the known, loving into a lover and the beloved, and perceiving into a perceiver and the perceived. As such, it is thought alone that abstracts a subject and an object from the seamless, unnamable intimacy of pure Knowing or Experiencing.

The Transparent, Luminous Substance of Presence - 2

If this process and awareness is complete, one would not have to open the door to go through it...


You perhaps have misunderstood the simple point about which  I asked…I agree 100% with everything in your response…..But “the proof of the pudding” of such theory (even with it’s experiential dimension- you say ” Go directly to the experience. You do not find a table and a hand there. You find a tingling, amorphous cluster of vibrations, without density, solidity or weight. Go deeply into that sensation and see if there is anything present other than sensing. Now go deeply into sensing and see that it is made only of the transparent, luminous substance of Presence.”) the suspension of the physical inability to move through solid objects..

Clearly there is the sense that all is made of “transparent, luminous substance of presence”. There is a disappearance of apparent space and time…....but I posit this:   If this process and awareness is  complete,  this “tingling, amorphous cluster of vibrations, without density, solidity or weight” will become other realized and… would not have to open the door to go through. Until such time….....this is a level of “partially” experiential theory rather than proven  testable fact.

The question again put to you, Rupert, hopefully more clearly this time, is to speak to the above posit.


Dear Nathan,

Your question was clearly put the first time and was clearly understood. Likewise my answer was clearly put the first time but was, however, misunderstood.

You are looking for objective proof at the level where objects as such don’t exist. Your question contradicts its premise.

How could a non-existent object prove that there is nothing but transparent Consciousness? How could an illusion prove reality? Consciousness alone is it own evidence.

Neither the door in the dream nor the door in the waking state can be seen through or walked through, but both are nevertheless made out of the transparent presence of Consciousness.

And just as the dream door needs to be negotiated in a way that is consistent with the dream state, so the waking state door needs to be negotiated in a way that is consistent with the apparent reality of that state.

In neither case however do the relative realities of either state contradict or negate the fact that in both states, each door is made out of Presence alone.

You continue to superimpose concepts upon your experience and, having mistaken these concepts for reality, look to them for a proof of that reality. You are looking in the wrong place and hence your frustration.

Everything in life is consistent with the experiential understanding that there is only Consciousness. If this seems not to be your experience, I can only suggest again that you look more closely.

With kind regards,