Thought gives experience its name, the senses give it its form, but the light of pure Knowing gives it its reality.

Being Aware of Being Aware Available from Sahaja Publications

'Being Aware of Being Aware is the distilled essence of all I have learnt of meditation and prayer over these forty years. I hope it may lead you to the wellspring of peace and happiness within yourself.' 
Rupert Spira


Being Aware of Being Aware explores our primary, most intimate and familiar experience: the knowing of our own being, or awareness’s knowing of itself in us. However, awareness, or the experience of simply ‘being aware’, has no observable qualities and is, therefore, usually overlooked or ignored. The returning of awareness to itself – being aware of being aware – is the essence of meditation and prayer, and the direct path to lasting peace and happiness.

'It is always still in the depths of the ocean, irrespective of the storms that may be raging on its surface.'
Rupert Spira

The Essence of Meditation Series presents meditations on the essential, non-dual understanding that lies at the heart of all the great religious and spiritual traditions, compiled from contemplations led by Rupert Spira at his meetings and retreats. This simple, contemplative approach, which encourages a clear seeing of one’s experience rather than any kind of effort or discipline, leads the reader to an experiential understanding of their own essential being and the peace and fulfilment that are inherent within it. Being Aware of Being Aware is the first and introductory volume in The Essence of Meditation Series. 


'I’ve gained deeper understanding listening to Rupert Spira than I have from any other exponent of modern spirituality. Reality is sending us a message we desperately need to hear, and at this moment no messenger surpasses Spira and the transformative words in his essays.’  – Deepak Chopra, author of You Are the UniverseSpiritual Solutions and Super Brain 

Amazon Reviews

★★★★★ Brilliant!
Siegmar, reviewed in Germany on 19 February 2018
I love it. It's absolutely to the point. The quintessence of all spiritual teachings. Of course it's not just about reading it. It's about reading, contemplating, meditating. It includes everything that's needed. I was always looking for a book like this. You don't have to go through hundreds of pages to find the key points. In this little book more or less every sentence is a key point. It's actually more a meditation tool than a book. People might expect a thick book when it's about philosophy, but this is not so much about intellectual understanding, but realization.

★★★★★ It's the most effective form of self-enquiry I have practised and almost too good to be true.
Siddhanathan, reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2018
Rupert Spira's approach to knowing the Self is novel, simple and effective. This work is a treasure trove with virtually every sentence pointing the reader to the Self. The book's emphasis is on asking oneself the question, "Am I aware?" It's the most effective form of self-enquiry I have practised and is the flip side of that famous self-enquiry question, "Who am I?" Only less cumbersome! Rupert is an amazing teacher whose teachings come from his own experience of the Self. These teachings are relatively easy to incorporate into one's sadhana and also suitable for one embarking on the path of Self-enquiry.

★★★★★ For lack of a better word. I am a work in progress like …
Robert Thomson, reviewed in Canada on 12 January 2018
I've been into this seeking consciousness aspect of life for 50 years or so, give or take, and have read hundreds of books relating to the topic, self-realization, for lack of a better word. I am a work in progress like every soul here and now. I've tried many different ways. I'm just here to say, most humbly and certainly thankfully, that Being Aware of Being Aware is the best explanation of the Direct Path I've ever experienced, bar none. Thank you Rupert Spira!

★★★★★ Simple and profound
Colin W Morris, reviewed in Australia on 21 December 2017
Rupert Spira has created a wonderfully large collection of writings and YouTube videos, all of which express eloquently and with great clarity the elusively simple teachings of non-duality. This is a relatively short book but there are no wasted words here. Truth cannot be expressed in concepts or words; it requires the skilful presentation of metaphors from which the mind can make that intangible leap. In this regard, Rupert Spira is the consummate master. With great clarity and skill he abundantly offers a fresh take on spiritual metaphors, carefully dissecting and analysing the words and images to reflect and reveal our true nature. Anyone on a spiritual journey will benefit greatly from this little book.

★★★★★ Page per page this tiny book is the most profound …
M. Yablonovich, reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2017
Page per page this tiny book is the most profound spiritual work I've read (and I'm including the Tao Te Ching). It really connects one to the silent awareness behind all forms that arise and dissolve.

★★★★★ Most clear and succinct description of 'awareness being aware of itself’ on the planet
Mare, reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2017
Rupert Spira takes the essence of awareness of awareness and puts it into words in a way that leads the reader to grasp its nature without having had the experience. This has helped me in better understanding how to meditate along the direct path. This book also has so clearly and touchingly described the source of our longing for things and relationships...a longing that in my life has been a source of disappointment and anguish.

★★★★★ A Gem – an offering to humanity from and for the ages
Alan Tower, reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2017
This feels like a shining GEM capturing the essence of meditation and the Direct Path (the pathless path) as well as language can possibly do this. It continues his almost fractal way of writing from many directions to get at the heart or essence. His Transparency of Things and other books are so very excellent, but this little guy at 101 pages and around 8.00 is truly an offering to humanity from and for the ages. What better time in the midst of the upheaval most all of us feel going on in these modern times.