Thoughts are nearly always on a journey into a past or future, but our essential nature of pure Awareness never takes the journey with them.

The Ashes of Love - Sayings on the Essence of Non-Duality Available from Sahaja Publications

A paperback book of 280 sayings by Rupert Spira, taken from conversations with friends over a three year period.
'This book is a distillation of penetrating statements gleaned from the numerous teachings of Rupert Spira: at times borrowing the musicality of a haiku, the terseness of a pith instruction or the persuasive power of an oration. But no matter its shape, each one bears the treasure of a full teaching .… 

'Rupert Spira is an artist. He sculpts words into condensed forms of pure intelligence to which there is nothing to be added or removed. He sculpts our understanding until it becomes pure light, pure flame. Truth seekers familiar with his teaching will find its essence here: concise, sharp as a diamond, overwhelming with its awesome higher reasoning, whilst bathing us in unconditional love. Others will be struck by the clarity and profundity of Reality as conveyed by this master of Advaita, and illumined by the glimpse of an inner revolution.’ 

From the foreword by Monique Proulx