Give your mind to whatever comes and goes, but give your heart to that which remains always with you. 

Annual Subscriptions to Audio Content

As an alternative to purchasing individual audio downloads you can subscribe to a weekly download of a meditation/dialogue for a period of six or twelve months.

The cost of a twelve month subscription to audio content (52 weekly downloads) is $163.41; six months (26 downloads) is $122.89. This reduces the cost of individual audio downloads from $9.41 to $3.14 for a twelve month subscription and to $4.71 for a six month subscription.

There are two alternative ways of receiving the audio subscription: 1) As a weekly download, emailed to you automatically every Friday for the duration of your subscription (26 or 52 weeks) or 2) As a collection of credits (26 or 52) which you receive immediately, to be used at any time. Please choose one of these options below.