In ignorance, I am the known; in understanding, I am the knower; in love, I am pure Knowing. 

Annual Subscriptions to Audio Content

As an alternative to purchasing individual audio downloads you can subscribe to a weekly download of a meditation/dialogue for a period of six or twelve months.

The cost of a twelve month subscription to audio content (52 weekly downloads) is $163.43; six months (26 downloads) is $122.90. This reduces the cost of individual audio downloads from $9.41 to $3.14 for a twelve month subscription and to $4.71 for a six month subscription.

There are two alternative ways of receiving the audio subscription: 1) As a weekly download, emailed to you automatically every Friday for the duration of your subscription (26 or 52 weeks) or 2) As a collection of credits (26 or 52) which you receive immediately, to be used at any time. Please choose one of these options below.