Individuality means undivided. It is the unique expression of the undivided whole that each body and mind expresses, and it flourishes when we are relieved of the straightjacket of ignorancethat is, when we stop ignoring our essential nature of pure Awareness.


Rupert's meetings are of three types: 1) a general guided meditation followed by a dialogue; 2) a 'yoga' meditation followed by a dialogue; and 3) just a dialogue.

The yoga meditations could be described more fully as a yoga of sensation and perception; that is, a profound exploration of the non-dual understanding in relation to our experience of the body and the world. For an introduction to this approach please click here.

Please use the tabs below to select whichever type of meeting you are interested in. 'All Meetings' lists Rupert's meetings in chronological order, whilst the other tabs enable you to search for specific types of meeting.

Title Location Date Duration Cost Add to Basket
Interview for Science and Non-Duality Conference - 20th October 2011 00:34:55 Free Watch
Interview with Richard Miller - 15th May 2011 01:49:19 Free Watch
Interview with Lilou Mace - 4th June 2012 00:29:27 Free Watch

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